Dealing with Social Anxiety


Please listen to me and read this many times and realize it. Hopefully you will also be cured. Social anxiety is not an illness. People tell you it is but it’s not. You have social anxiety because you are anxious about being anxious. You are scared of becoming anxious and this raises your anxiety from a small natural amount to a great overwhelming amount.

So, when in a social situation:

  1. Do not be afraid of an anxious situation.
  2. Do not try to prevent an anxious situation.
  3. Do not try to prevent your anxiety.
  4. Do not try to prevent looking anxious.
  5. Do not concentrate or worry about anxiety.

Anxiety by itself in a normal amount is a good and essential thing in life. Only when you worry about anxiety in social situation and try to prevent it, it will escalate to a very high level. Otherwise it will be small and eventually disappears.

I hope this helps. If you understood it and did it, your social anxiety will disappear for good as mine did.


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